Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tricycle or Binky?

What's this you ask? Why, it is Eli's new John Deere tricycle. He got it because he told Grampy and Grammy that if they got him a John Deere trike, he would give them all of his binkies. He cried when they first brought it to our house. He doesn't want a tricycle either....he wants his binkies.

Now he has both! I told them maybe they should just take the tricycle home with them for his birthday. No, they have other things they want to get him for his birthday.....

So now my son has learned that with Grampy and Grammy he can have his cake and eat it too! (I THINK that he might have already figured that out!) I guess that is what they are for!

1 comment:

  1. We are also trying to get rid on the binkies! My son will be 2 next week and WILL NOT sleep without it. We have tried, but he will stay awake all night!!!