Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Poor Baby Ian

Well, last night after I finished posting my blog about my mom getting sick (she is much better now), I went to pick up Ian and he was burning up. He has had a bit of a cold for a day or two, but it was like he all of a sudden was SICK. He had a fever of 101.7 and started gasping to catch his breath and he really wasn't interested in eating. He was very fussy and had a hard time breathing all night and continued to spike a fever whenever the Tylenol wore off. I called our physician first thing this morning and they got him in right away. They did blood work and an RSV swab. He could hear wheezing and so they did a nebulizer treatment while we were in the office. The RSV test was negative, but he has a bronchial virus, something similar to RSV. They gave him a steroid shot to help reduce the inflammation in his lungs. We are also doing nebulizer treatments every four hours. We have a return appointment tomorrow to check his progress, so I will update more then.

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  1. Poor baby! Hope he feels much better soon. I know it is hard on Mommy too when the LO is sick. Analese has croup now and I just can't STAND to see her sick.