Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Dream I Had...

Let me begin with the fact that I hardly ever remember any dreams that I have. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and I can't even explain my feelings... I was excited, terrified, proud and elated all at the same time. Looking back now, thankfully it was all just a dream!

My dream as I remember it: I was working at our computer desk and was pregnant, due at any time. I started to have some contractions and thought I should rest, but thought it would feel best if I knelt on the ground and fell asleep with my arms crossed on the seat of our computer chair. When I woke up from sleeping on the chair, I felt an odd pressure and felt between my legs and there was a baby's head coming out! Just as I tried to yell for Scott, I finsihed delivering another baby boy. I quickly grabbed a blanket, went and showed Scott, called my mom and then waited for Scott to get ready so that we could take the baby to the hospital to be examined. I was excited and proud that I had a natural delivery (although I would never choose to deliver at home), terrified and elated at the same time that I had another baby boy. Right now though I am hoping that the Mirena is as effective as they say!

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