Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Poor Baby Ian, Day 2

My baby is still so sick. I just feel terrible for him. At times there is nothing I can do to comfort him. We had a recheck with our physician today and he said that his lungs sound worse, but that is a good thing because his airways are more open and he is moving more oxygen. So, we are continuing breathing treatments every four hours and have started oral steroids twice a day. We return next Tuesday for another recheck.

Eli has been feeling neglected and he is letting us know! Our poor dog took the brunt of his actions today. Eli stepped on him, took his toys away, kicked him and forced him off of the couch! Poor puppy.....

Yesterday at the doctor's office Eli put his hand on our doctor's knee and said "You make baby Ian Scott feel better?" He really does love his baby brother.

Did you notice in the previous paragraph that when Eli was asking about his brother her referred to him as 'baby Ian Scott'? This is how he ALWAYS refers to him! Even when he is talking to him it is "Hi baby Ian Scott!" and he talks to him in the sweetest "singy" voice....I will have to get it on video!

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