Saturday, January 17, 2009

McDonalds Playland - not so fun for adults!

This morning we had a playdate scheduled at my friend's house who has a son that is just four months older than Eli. The kids were having a great time and getting along so well, but it was getting close to lunch time. We decided to take the kids to McDonalds and eat and then let them play in the Playland area. Now, this was Eli's first time there (I have always been a bit leary of the area....I am sure it is a germ's fantasy), but I decided to go with it and just wash REALLY well afterwards and hope he didn't lick anything! Well, when we finished eating we went into the play area and he just jumped around. He wasn't so excited about going up the tubes. I finally talked him in to going up with my friend's older daughter and he stayed up in the "room" as he called it and was having fun looking around and jumping. When it was time to go, I told him to head down so we could go home to see daddy. He froze! He wouldn't come down! He kept calling for me to help him. My friend's daugter went to try to help, but he wouldn't come down with her. Another little girl who was there tried to get him to come down. No go. I had to go up. Let me just tell you that playland tubes are not designed for 5'9" plus sized moms who still look like they are five months pregnant! I kept hitting my head, my knees are killing me and I could barely "bend" around the curves in the tubes!!!! Thankfully there was only one other family there, but I am sure that watching me heading up the tubes was a site they won't soon forget and probably provided a good chuckle for them! But I saved the day and rescued my little boy and he is now fast asleep on the couch.

Maybe this is a sign that I need to work more on my other resolution to get in better shape!

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  1. I think I would be WAY too claustrophobic to go in there! I'm impressed that you went in for the rescue!