Monday, January 19, 2009

3 Months Old!!!!

Here are some pics of Ian from yesterday! Love those cheeks and dimples! I can't believe that Ian is three months old already! He is getting to be so much fun! He loves his hands! He is constantly chewing and sucking on them and has started to bat at things and actually picked up a tag toy and shoved it in his mouth! He loves to smile and coo and has even given us a few belly laughs. I can't believe how much he has changed already. He is nursing like a champ, still trying to avoid the bottle when I am gone, won't take a binky and loves his brothers. Most nights he sleeps all night long, some nights he will wake up for some extra nutrition! He is just a precious gift from God!


  1. Those are Great pictures! He is absolutely adorable!

    I tagged you if you're interested in sharing some random facts about yourself!

  2. Is that a bumbo I see him in? Autumn got one for Christmas and I cannot wait to stick her in it. I even have the table piece that goes on it because my friend says her baby would play with toys on it, etc. Autumn is 2 months so I hope next month she'll be able to sit up in it. He is adorable, thanks for sharing the cute pics!

  3. Thanks ladies! It is a Bumbo and he LOVES it! He has great head control and I first started putting him in it about a month ago, for short periods of time.