Sunday, February 28, 2010

End of Nursing

When I first became pregnant, I decided that I would breastfeed and I also knew that I would follow the child lead weaning theory. With Eli, he stopped nursing one week before he turned one. I think that if *I* had allowed it, he would have stopped much sooner. Scott had to bring it to my attention that every night I was basically wrestling Eli to get him to nurse and the nursing session ended very quickly. At one year of age, Ian was still nursing three times a day and I was very happy with that. Slowly that changed, first dropping his afternoon session. About two months ago, he was ready to go to bed without nursing. The morning session had been his longest nursing session for a while, he did very well nursing while the house was still quiet and there were no distractions. Until the other morning. He woke up, I grabbed him and his blankey out of the crib and headed to the rocking chair to nurse. He quickly latched on, suckled a few times, pulled himself off of the breast and sat straight up, looked at me and said "NO!" and started to wiggle down from my lap. I was heart baby has weaned himself. I have mixed emotions really, I am ready to be done with nursing, but I want Ian to stay little as long as possible! His weaning is just one more step towards him growing up. I am proud to say that I nursed my baby until he was sixteen months old. I have nourished his body and provided extra antibodies to keep him healthy. Our nursing session in the morning has been replaced by rocking with a sippy cup, but we still have that quiet time that it is just the two of us and I will treasure that time while I can.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Writing His Name

I have been trying to get Eli interested in writing his name, but he hasn't really shown much interest. He knows what letters are in his name, he can identify the letters and put them in order, but he has shown no desire to write it himself. The other day he came out of his room and said "Mommy, you are going to be so proud of me!". I asked him why and he said "Just come see". When I went to see him, he had written his name on the Magnadoodle. He was right, I was so proud!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Style

I have to say that my boys may tower over me someday, but I will always have these pictures over them!

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Sweetest Valentine

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and Eli gave me the sweetest gift. A sweet gift of kindness and thoughtfulness, a gift of selflessness and compassion.

What is this wonderful gift you may ask? Well, yesterday afternoon Eli had closed his foot in the door. As I was consoling him and rocking him I offered to kiss his foot to make it feel better. Through the tears and crying he said "No Mommy, it will stink." What a sweet boy.....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dad Is......

When Eli was very young, Scott started saying to him in a sing-song voice "Dad is great!". Eli was about eight months old when he said what sounded like "great" when Soctt said "Dad is...". It was very cute. Very early in Ian's life, Scott started saying it to him. Ian would just smile and look at him. Ian finally started saying "great" yesterday when Scott started the sentence. Scott kept saying "Dad is..." because it was so cute to hear Ian say "great", but Ian quickly changed his answer to "yucky". So funny! Ian thinks it is hilarious to say "yucky" and loved the reaction that he got when he said it, so he keeps repeating it! Hopefully I can catch it on video!