Saturday, August 29, 2009


That my last blog entry was dated 8/19/09 and I returned to work on 8/20/09????? I don't think so! I am having a hard time readjusting to my return to work, but I will get back in the swing of things...sometime...
My blog isn't the only thing being neglected. My house is a wreck, we have only had one supper at home this week that I actually cooked from scratch, my boys have been super clingy at night. We will get through this, and soon I will have a schedule set up again and things will be normal.
Until then, expect minimal blogging!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Ian Told Me I Could"

Today Eli got a hammer out of our "junk" drawer and I told him that he couldn't play with it. He turned and looked at me with all honesty and said "Ian told me I could". Now, I know just last week I shared that Ian is now saying "mama", but he however is not making complete sentences!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

3 Little Steps!!

....right to me! Yes, my precious Ian took his first steps today! Three of the most perfect steps ever! Right straight to me! Even though he didn't say "ma ma" first, he made up for it today! (This is even more exciting to me as Eli took his first steps to daddy, on Father's Day 2007!).

Monday, August 10, 2009

His New Favorite Pastime

Ian can't get enough of it!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

John Deere Mom's Latest Giveaway

As you all well know, my son is a John Deere fanatic! Somewhere along the way, I have become a follower of John Deere Mom's blog. It is fantastic! We have a lot in common: we're both teachers, we have boys that are born to be on the farm and we both love to blog (although her blog is much more entertaining than mine!). She is currently having a great John Deere Backpack giveaway -- make sure to check it out and enter to win!

HE SAID "MA"!!!!

YEAH!!!!!!!!! Yesterday I was telling someone about Ian saying "hi da" but that he still hadn't said "ma". I looked at Ian and said "No, you won't say ma, ma, ma" and he looked at me and smiled and said "ma" and then reached for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, I had tears in my eyes!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Still Won't Say "Ma Ma"

Ian is saying all kinds of things. For example, he will say "up", "uh oh", "da da", "bah" (for our dog), but still refuses to say "ma ma". He added a new word today.... "hi" and he actually strung together two words and said "hi da"...that is right, when Scott walked in the room Ian actually said "hi da". He greeted his father! He won't even say "ma", but he will greet his daddy upon entering the room. I know the boy loves me, and maybe he is just holding out for the perfect time to spring it on me, but I really am ready to hear him say "ma ma"!