Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

When I told the boys today that we were carving pumpkins tonight they were so excited!  Eli has been talking for days about making a scary jack-o-lantern.  I opend up the pumpkins and let the boys dig in. Last year Eli wouldn't touch the stuff, but he dug right in this year.  He did a really good job of cleaning out his pumpkin.  Ian kept looking in his pumpkin. When he reached in and touched the insides he let out the cutest giggle!  Eli drew on his eyes and nose and told me how he wanted his mouth to look. He loves how his turned out.  A few minutes in to the cleaning the pumpkins, Ian was bored and off playing...until we put the candles in and then he thought he needed to check it out.  Can't wait for trick or treating tomorrow night!

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