Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ian's Second Birthday Bash

I will start by saying that is really doesn't seem like Ian should be two years old! What has happened to my baby?!?!?  We had his party today and he had a great time.  He really wasn't too interested in opening presents yet, he was really more interested in talking with all of our family that was here. 
 Ian and his cake with Grandpa Jon and Aunt Dawn. Aunt Dawn always lets the kids (and encourages them to) get frosting off of the cake, she was trying to get Ian's attention to give him some frosting!
 Blowing out the candles.
 We had a Big Red Barn cake in honor of Ian's favorite book.
 Reading a card.
 Tearing open a present...TOOLS!  Ian LOVES tools!
 Aunt Steffy trying to get Ian to go back to opening presents.
 Ian and his cousin Hailey checking out his new work bench.
 Ian, Hailey and Matthew
 Mommy and Ian, he was too busy checking out his drill to look at the camera!
 Daddy and Eli
Ian chatting with Aunt Dawn and Uncle Jonny.

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  1. LOVE the cake! Happy 2nd bday! Auttie's is next month.