Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Four and A Half Months!

So, I have been absent again for several months....not that anyone really misses my blogging or anything, but this is supposed to be my baby book/scrapbook/ memory keeper and at that I have been awful!  So, here are a few random things I want to get recorded! 
* Eli has kindergarten round-up this Friday!  How can it be that my baby is going to be going to kindergarten?!?!  He is SO excited! His best friend from preschool is going to the same session and then we are having a lunch/play date with him.  This year the school has decided to have the parents attend an informative meeting while the kiddos stay for round-up and I am glad that I will be there if Eli needs anything.....not that he will, but just in case!
*Ian is 2 1/2!!! He has recently taken to curling up in my lap, giving me a big hug and then proceeds to tell me that he is not my baby anymore.  BOO-HOO!  I literally almost cried the first time he said it!
*Eli is loving the spring weather, he has spent the past two afternoons outside exploring and getting dirty. He is so happy being outside and it has really helped adjust to daylight savings time.
*Ian has had a whole host of medical appointments lately and thankfully everything is turning out well. We had a scare with a heart murmur appearing and had to have a recheck on that. It was a pretty bad murmur while he was sick (which I was told was common), but when we went for a recheck it was much less severe.  Just something to keep an eye on. We had to have an upper GI series done due to some concerns with him choking and vomiting. Everything turned out normal, he just seems to have a severely sensitve gag reflex. We are continuing to have eye exams every three months and will continue this for a while. The glasses are helping to strengthen his weak eye, but he may need a stronger prescription. Each time we go he is getting more cooperative, so hopefully in the next six months we will be able to get a more accurate prescription, but for now we are continuing with the one we have. We may also be looking at patching his "good" eye in the future too. We had his first dental appointment and he has one tooth that is kind of a sideways underbite....strange, but just one more thing to keep an eye on!
*I am going to really, sincerely try to keep updating on a regular basis!!! 
Happy Spring everyone!


  1. I noticed you haven't blogged at all! Hope everything is going well!

  2. Glad to see you back in the "blogisphere."

  3. Good to see you back. How are things going with the glasses?