Monday, February 9, 2009

"Too Much 'Tation"

What is 'tation you ask? My son's version of temptation. We are not really sure where he picked up this word, but he absolutely used it in the right context. Scott and Eli went to the grocery store and they got some treats just for Eli. They put them in a small bag and Eli wanted to hold them during the ride home. Scott told Eli that he couldn't open it, that he would have to wait until they got home. Just as they were leaving the parking lot, Eli threw the bag on the floor. When Scott asked him why he threw it down, Eli said "Too much 'tation." Scott asked what he said again and Eli said "TATION Dad!". "Temptation?" asked Scott. "Yeah, dad.....too much 'tation".....

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