Wednesday, July 29, 2009

County Fair Time!

Last week was our county fair and we were there four of the five days...the only reason we missed one day was because of rain! Eli had a blast! Monday night was the tractor pull. If you know my boy at all you know that tractors are his favorite things and have been since he could choose. Our family came too, I'm not sure if they were there to watch the tractors or to watch Eli watch them, but it was great none the less!

Eli and Grampy Jon - this was his reaction to the first tractor that pulled.

Eli, Grampy Jon and Grammy Kathy watching how far the tractor went.

Eli's favorite tractor!

Daddy, Eli (and Ian in the corner) watching the pull.

Ian sleeping in Grammy's arms.

Eli cheering on the tractor.

Eli staying warm with Grampy Jon.

Eli and Grampy Eddie.

The tractor pull was definately his favorite fair activity, but we also visited all the animals, went to the motocross races and watched the demolition derby....again, this is why my blog is titled Braving Boyhood --- these aren't things that I did for me, well in a way it was...because I got to see that sparkle in Eli's eyes, the smile on his face and the joy in his step on the way to the fair!

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  1. Eli cheering on the tractor is the best picture ever!! I love it! I wish I had seen my son see his first tractor pull this year but it was a daddy thing! :)