Friday, June 19, 2009

Proud Mommy Moment

Today Eli and I were at the grocery store and he made me so proud. My mom had Ian, so it was just Eli and he had chose to walk with me, holding on to the cart. There was a boy, maybe a year older than him, that was running around the store shooting a plastic gun. He even walked up to one of the workers and hit him! Eli kind of looked at him and said "what he doin' that for mom?". I said that he wasn't staying safe and that Eli was doing a great job being safe. We kept shopping and we turned to go down another aisle and the little boy had just about ran over a lady. When we came to meet her in the aisle, she looked at me and said "What a well behaved boy. It is nice to see a mother doing a good job raising her child." I told her thank you and walked on. Eli said "Mommy, what she say?" I told him that she said he was a very good boy and she must have heard me because she turned and said "That's right, you are a good boy."
I was beaming. All of my time and energy is paying off. My husband and I are raising a good, respectful boy. I appreciated that someone noticed. Now, if she had seen him a few hours ago throwing a tantrum over having to share his toys, she would never have recognized him....but we are braving boyhood and it is working.


  1. Oh I KNOW that made you feel so good! I'm lucky that Analese is usually VERY well behaved in public, more so than at home. Of course they all have their moments, and I am sympathetic to the mommies have a hard time with their LOs in the store.