Monday, June 8, 2009

Cleaning Questions

Since I have been home this summer I have realized, while trying to catch up on my cleaning (that I have missed out on for SEVERAL months), that I need a plan. I sometimes miss only having to worry about the messes that I I have to worry about Ian and Eli's messes and Joe's....and Scott's...and the dog's..... Anyway, I have never before had a "method" to my cleaning, I just did what needed cleaned. But now, I need some help. I am sure that once I get this house clean, it won't take long to get back to where it has been. I desperately need a plan, so I am asking do you do it? Do you clean a room a day? Do you set aside one day for cleaning? Do you have a chore checklist? What chores do you do daily/weekly/monthly?
Ideally within the next month I will have a method to my cleaning. I want to avoid having to do lots of work on the weekend and I am the only one responsible for cleaning the house (I only work part time during the school year and Scott isn't much in to helping out with "women's work" ....I know, I know....I married him knowing this, so can't really change that now!)
Anyway, any thoughts, insights, helpful hints, etc. are appreciated!


  1. Jennifer, it can be so hard to keep up! I have 4 kids, & for ME, I have a *clean as I go* system. It would make me nuts to clean one room per day, ect.. I do laundry every morning, and literally clean as i see a mess that needs tending to. Like this morning, as I was gathering laundry together, I grabbed a cleaning rag & cleanser & scrubbed the sinks out really quick. I dont have time for lengthy cleaning so i'm a clean-as-I-go-girl.
    That probably doesnt help at all, but that's how i run my house..heehee

  2. I have no business commenting, since my house is an endless mess.
    Have you ever been to the fly lady board on babycenter? They have some great ideas.

  3. I wish I could help you out, but I can't. My house looks like a tornado ripped through it! It was clean a couple weeks ago for Zoey's birthday party and I swore I'd keep it clean, but so far no luck. My husband is great at helping out though.

  4. I rotate certain chores each week. Like this week I cleaned the master bathroom, vacuumed and dusted our master bedroom. Next week I swiff the hardwood floors, clean the hall bathroom and clean the kitchen. I rotate these every week. I do laundry on the weekends.