Monday, June 22, 2009

Ian's First Ear Infection

Poor baby! He has been terribly fussy for about the last week and then yesterday morning I tried to nurse him on his left side and he just screamed and wouldn't latch on. I got him calmed down and I knew he was hungry, but when I tried to latch him on again, he again screamed. I decided to try the right side and he latched right on and went to town. I knew then that he had an ear infection. I had to get him to nurse on the left side...we ended up doing a crazy football type hold with him laying on his right side stretched out to my right....a crazy site I'm sure!
We went to our doctor this morning and started medicine. They gave him some drops that numb the ear so that he can nurse and sleep comfortably. They really seem to help, so hopefully tomorrow is a better day. It is crazy to me that Eli had his first ear infection at 8 months, the same as Ian. I just hope Ian responds better to medicine than Eli did. Eli's ear infection never went away and we ended up doing tubes at 10 1/2 months.

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  1. Poor baby:( I hope the little guy feels better soon.