Thursday, September 23, 2010


I still can't believe that my little boy has started preschool! He is having so much fun and really likes preschool. He has a best friend named Zach, the teacher has reported that they spend lots of time together. I have asked him if he ever plays with anyone else and he said "Yeah, sometimes I play with the cute girl." Oye! Anyway, her are some pictures from his first day!

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  1. Sometimes BLogger can be frustrating! I see that your followers don't show up. Have you tried just deleting that feature from your gadgets and reapplying it? I used to be pretty good at fixing things like that - but I haven't done much with my blog lately besides post :)

    Thanks for your help with the breastfeeding problems. I like the idea of the cold tea bags, however I dont' think that would help me much because of my vasospams problem. When my nipples are cold (and hard) the blood is constricted to flow there and that's when they turn white or blue. Sometimes the compressed pain comes too if it's really bad. I wish I use that method because it sounds very soothing. Thanks for sharing!