Monday, April 19, 2010

From Baby to Big Boy

Ian turned 1 1/2 yesterday. He is doing so much, constantly on the go. He has become rather 'bossy', demanding "carry me", "puffs", "outside" and "no"! His language has really blossemed, I no longer have any concerns about it. He is so brave, climbing anything he sees without any hesitation. He is starting to enjoy cuddling and will even sometimes asked to be rocked! This morning after I got done teaching I checked my cell phone and I had a picture message from my husband. He had taken Ian to the barber and gotten his hair cut! We have gotten Ian's hair trimmed three times, but it is SHORT! He no longer looks like my baby, but my little boy. Here are some pictures before and after:


  1. My DH would be in BIG TROUBLE if he did that to me (I mean the baby)!!! Had you agreed to getting rid of the curls? Mine didn't have them, and it was still hard to get their first big boy haircuts. =(

  2. WOW! Baby to big boy overnight!

  3. I almost cried again this morning when I got his out of his crib! We had talked about doing it, but I didn't have any idea he was actually doing it!