Monday, December 21, 2009

So That's Why I Have No Idea What He Is Saying... He's Speaking French!!!

I have been worried about Ian's speech for about 6 months. My mother thinks that I am crazy. She assures me that he talks to her all the time. Now, I will concede that he does randomly copy words that he hears, but the only words that he says regularly of his own accord are mama, dada and nini. He will babble and tell me an entire story, "speaking" to me for about a minute. I thought this was just babble until yesterday. I was at my mom's and Ian was sitting on my lap and he had just told me quite a story, but I had no idea what the story was about.....
I again said something to my mom about being worried about his speech and she AGAIN said that he talks all the time. I sarcastically said "I know he talks alot, and every once in a while I catch him talking about global warming. Maybe he is speaking French". My mom replied "parlez-vous francais?". Ian looked at her and smiled and started shaking his head yes!!!!!!!! So, all along my son has been speaking French! No wonder I have no idea what he is saying! Better sign up for some French classes.

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