Saturday, May 16, 2009

Poor Joe ... and the many uses of a Boppy!

Today Joe had an accident and got his finger smashed in a door. The ER cleaned it up, took some xrays and bandaged it up. It is broken and we have to go see a specialist (orthopedic) to see what they recommend. He is doing pretty well, but was really tired when we got home. He thought he had to hold his hand in the air to "keep it up" and I told him he could use a pillow...I was in the kitchen when we were having this conversation and he is in the chair where I usually nurse Ian and he asked if he could use my pillow. I thought he was referring to the one behind his head...he was talking about the was behind the chair and I just haven't stored it yet....anyway, when I came in to the living room this is what I found! Please send quick healing prayers our way!


  1. ouch! I hate when the kid get hurt.. poor sweetie :(

  2. sorry~ typing too fast...meant to say I hate when the KIDS get hurt... :)