Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First "Real" Stitches

Mark that down....first "real" stitches at four years, eleven months and 18 days. Eli got four stitches on his chin last night. He and Ian were jumping on the couch cushions they had pulled off of the couch and Eli got too close to the coffee table and his chin hit hard. I was just walking in the living room and saw it all happen and as soon as I heard his scream I knew that it was bad. I grabbed him and could see his chin was gaping open. I told Scott to grab some paper towels and immediately he started freaking out because he was bleeding. As soon as I got a closer look, I told Scott I thought we needed to head to the ER. And the freaking out was cranked up a notch. Anyway, we got to the ER, they took a look and he did need stitches. They put on some lidocane cream and let that work it's magic. When they went to test the area he told them he could still feel it, so they decided to do an injection of lidocane, which he didn't even flinch for, so I think the cream worked just fine! He did great getting stitches and after we were all finished told me "That wasn't bad Mom. Next time I get stitches I won't be nervous at all!" I'm sure there will be a few more next times.....

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