Thursday, March 11, 2010


My son is going to be a wrestler. I'm not talking about just messing around with his brothers and playing, but I am talking about a technically smart, dedicated wrestler. My husband was a wrestler in high school and has been putting Eli in "holds" and having him "escape". Eli loves it and Scott is amazed at how smart, strong and determined he is. Ian has also begun to enjoy this game. My nephew Clint just finished his senior year of wrestling and made it to the state wrestling tournament. Eli LOVES his Daddy and Clint and wants to be so much like them. The local Y had a wrestling mini camp for three year olds and we signed Eli up. They learned basic moves, the common courtesy of wrestling and an introduction to the equipment. My mom took Eli because the program was held in the mornings while I was teaching and Scott was at work. This is the first time that Eli has done anything like this. He was a bit nervous about seperating from her, and she was just sitting at the edge of the gym, about twenty feet from her! He did progress each week and is now asking when he gets to go back and wrestle. The last week I saw the program coordinator that afternoon at swimming lessons and he told Eli and I how proud he was of him, that day Eli had sat on the mat without hesitation, did a great job listening and the PC was pleased how Eli had progressed and listened even when the other boys in the program were messing around. Here are some pictures!

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