Friday, September 18, 2009

Officially Walking?!?!

So, Ian has been taking daring steps for several weeks. I'm not sure what the requirements are to be "officially" considered as a walker, but I am declaring that Ian is walking! He is eleven months old today (oy, where has the time gone...and note to self: get busy planning the party!!!) and he just walked all of the way across our living room! He has become very purposeful in his walking. He has places to be and a path he wants to take to get there. He just walked across the living room to get to Eli, who was hiding under a blanket. When he got there he pulled the blanket off of Eli and sat down, looked at both of us and clapped his hands...just like we have been doing when he ventures off taking steps! So cute! I will try to get a video of the him "walking" sometime this weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Yay! Owen did it the same way. He was up to about 5-6 steps, and the next day he walked all the way across the room. And now he walks all over!