Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ian Cried Because He Wanted Daddy!

Ian has been a total momma's boy for the first four monthes of his life. He will be perfectly content playing with my husband until he sees me walk by and then he cries until I come get him. He has started to reach out for daddy occassionally now, it is just so sweet. Today when Scott got home I was on the computer and Ian was beside me in his exersaucer. Scott came in and said hi to me and Ian and walked back in to the kitchen to get a drink. Ian watched him walk away and started crying when he couldn't see him any longer. I told Scott that Ian wanted him and he responded with "Yeah, right." I picked Ian up out of his exersaucer and instead of calming down like he normally does, he kept crying! I took him out to the kitchen, he saw Scott and started calming down. Scott reached out for him and Ian got all excited kicking his legs and reaching for his Daddy! Melts my heart!

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